In loving memory of Hazel Mcallion - Hurricane Hazel

February 2, 2023

Memorial for Hazel Mcallion, aka Hurrican Hazel

Hazel McCallion was a trailblazer in the worlds of business and politics, who left a lasting legacy in the hearts and minds of Canadians. Born on February 14, 1921, Hazel lived a life filled with purpose, passion and unwavering commitment to her community. She dedicated over 36 years of her life to serving the residents of Mississauga, Ontario as its mayor, becoming an icon in Canadian political life.

Hazel was known for her tireless work ethic, innovative approach to governance, and her passion for making her community a better place. Her relentless pursuit of excellence and her commitment to improving the lives of others inspired generations of politicians and leaders, both in Canada and beyond.

She will always be remembered for her unwavering spirit, her fierce determination, and her deep sense of responsibility to her community. Hazel’s impact on the city of Mississauga, and the country as a whole, will continue to be felt for generations to come.

Her passing on January 29, 2023 marks the end of a remarkable life, but her spirit and her legacy will endure. Hazel McCallion will forever be remembered as a true visionary and an inspiration to us all.

Hazel McCallion Tribute and Legacy:

Donations in her honour

Donations can be made to the Trillium Hospital Foundation or the Hazel McCallion Foundation for Arts, Culture and Heritage.