About Us

A little bit about us and our mission.

NetObits.com was established initially because of personal experiences with the loss of a loved one and the stress of finding an online memorial provider and creating the memorial itself (obituary).

After this experience, we set out to make the process easier. This is why at NetObits.com we provide you with a better way to secure meaningful memories that can be shared with the online community.

Memorials are an important part of all cultures. They allow people to remember and honour a deceased loved one and show our respect to them. A memorial made in the honor of a loved one also serves as an everlasting tribute to a life well lived and life worth remembering.

Online memorials also serve as a permanent record for future generations and genealogy and also allow future family members to find and discover their past generations.

Our founding mission at NetObits.com was to make the creation of your loved ones' online memorial easy and stress-free as well as appealing and flexible.

If you have any questions or feedback, please contact us.