How to thrive in stressful times

January 10, 2022

(NC) We’ve all had to deal with major stressors over the last year and a half. Many of us have just been focusing on surviving and, for those who own a small business, there have been added stresses both personally and professionally. Fortunately, there are steps we can actively take to thrive in tough situations. Here are some tips and tricks to try:

Maintain a sense of control

It can be easy to experience anxiety when you don’t feel as if you have any control over what’s happening. But being in charge is a matter of perspective. While you can’t control your boss’ comments, how your kids do in school or a global pandemic, you can control how you react to these circumstances. Focus on overall well-being

When one area of your life is out of whack, keeping on top of other things can help you bounce back and not feel as overwhelmed. Exercising regularly, eating well-balanced meals, self care and spending quality time with loved ones can help restore your physical and mental health, which is essential when we are facing any of life’s problems.

Cultivate a support network

It’s always okay to ask for help and to ensure you have the relationships and resources you need to get you through a hard time. Local public health agencies have stepped up mental-health support during the pandemic and your employer may have some resources too.