3 tips to make 2022 your healthiest

January 1, 2022

(NC) Many of us are tired of being reminded of how tough the last couple of years have been. So instead, let’s focus on the positive and consider how to make the next year the best – and healthiest – one ever. Here are a few tips to stay on top of your health and make the most of 2022:

1. Schedule your check ups

Did you keep up with your vision and dental health appointments during the pandemic? Did you avoid finding a therapist? Did you put off your mammogram, colonoscopy or pap? The pandemic is no longer an excuse to avoid necessary health screenings and checkups, so book them in now while you’re motivated.

2. Set effective goals

Whether you love goal-setting or it’s a major stressor, creating effective, well-planned health goals is a powerful way to improve your wellness. Make them achievable; first, by writing down your reasons to remind you along the way, and second, by choosing specific, actionable and trackable goals rather than a general aim.

For example, instead of simply pledging to exercise more, write down why exercising matters to you. Then, decide to go to a dance class every week for six months and evaluate how that goes at the end, adapting along the way if needed. Look up the SMART or PACT methods for help.

3. Use insights from your genetic profile

Your DNA is responsible for many more things than your eye colour. Ongoing genetic research is now illuminating specific markers that can help us better understand and optimize our health. For example, The DNA Company can identify if you’re part of the 25 per cent of people who increase their risk of heart disease the more they exercise. Knowing this kind of information can help you take action now to prevent problems down the line.